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Author! Author! is no longer holding regular meetings. Watch the website for the next meeting, which will probably be in June 2014, at a new location.

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Author! Author! brings authors together to share ideas about marketing themselves and their books through promotions, public relations, publicity, advertising and other marketing techniques.
Author! Author! welcomes first-time authors of all genres as well as those who already have a few published books under their belts; seasoned as well as new writers; marketing and PR professionals; and anyone interested in book publishing or who want to learn more about it.
Author! Author! agendas will feature guest speakers as well as offer discussions of one or more topics. The second hour will allow for group networking to further explore and follow up the evening's topic, or one-on-one/two discussions on other marketing issues.
Author! Author!'s focus is on marketing and promotion, not "how to write" with the goal of helping authors learn about, discover, and use the best and most cost-effective means of getting the word out about their books based on genre, target market, etc.
Author! Author! meetings are generally held the second Tuesday of the month. Dates and times will be posted on the "About Us" page -- as well as members' and others' book event listings, guest columnists, marketing articles from several sources, tips, advice, and ideas shared by contributors and members.
call (847) 372-6222.
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